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Culture Company is the executive agency of the culture development of the Group. Deeply rooted in Shanxi province culture, the division is developing a culture products’ auction, local speciality goods and cultural tours. This division is at the helm of the planning and up-keeping of the group’s spirit in line with local customs, and will also feature as a pavilion at the International Pavilions’ Wharf.


1.The cultural sector


Division fully relying on the special function and policy strategies for bonded logistics center, bonded cultural products sale, bonded antique shops, art and other projects;Relying on the rich shanxi culture and group culture, cultural activities planning, product design characteristics of cultural products design, marketing, cultural activities planning, organization, etc.;Relying on the group cultural resources advantage, technology advantage, combining Internet +, antique art trading platform;Group in the field of culture pays attention to brand building, the registered brand such as tropaeolum, focus on keeping in good health and cultural products.




Characteristics of cultural products


2.Real estate sector

Foreign goods wharf project

is fully rely on special customs surveillance zone approved by the state in "two head out", the commissioner of public platform edge, closely combined with the actual dedicates in our province has bonded commodities trading and logistics, bonded goods stored in international large-scale import and export commodity mix, product sales and number of fragmented, is a direct consumer shopping platform, is through the Midwest market overseas high-quality goods exhibition, marketing and warehousing and logistics center.


Construction contents: international commodity exhibition park, commodity trading, commodity operating area, food and beverage service life etc.






Foreign goods wharf rendering


Foreign goods street project

Is a group full of relying on the special customs surveillance zone approved by the state public platform advantage, closely combining with the actual dedicates in our province with characteristic of international large-scale import and export commodity warehousing, simple processing, display and trading, packaging distribution across the street, at the same time, it will combine with "foreign goods" pier, complement each other, dislocation development, form the high quality import and export commodity expo city at home and abroad, trade city.


Construction contents: international high-end area of import and export commodities, the consumer goods area, cultural goods area, the mall, office, entrepreneurial innovation park landscape, life service area and supporting facilities, etc.





Foreign goods street rendering


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