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We use our vastly reliable international team to source the best offers, the latest trends and goods from around the globe. With our ability in direct sales, marketing, we feed our Supply Chain Division with an extensive stock of goods to distribute nationally physical stores as well as E-commerce.


International procurement layout


Overseas purchasing goods idea:

1.Strict business qualification

2.Strictly the supply channels

3.Strict controls of the whole supply chain

4.Severe punishment mechanism

5.Strict quality control system

6.Strictly selected high-quality goods around the world


At present, the group has in France, Australia, the United States, Finland and other countries set up branches, with the Italian chamber of commerce in China, Australia, China chamber of commerce, China chamber of commerce in Finland, Spain, South Korea, China chamber of commerce, China chamber of commerce in Australia dream round winery, Spanish olive oil company, Vietnam Alpha international food co., LTD, and other international well-known units purchasing cooperation agreement, product categories include imported red wine, global food, beverage, cosmetic, nutrition care, beauty makeup: supplies such as thousands of.Accelerate global cross-border electricity group layout, perfect the overseas sourcing strategy layout.



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